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Augustus Reeve was a brick manufacturer and a very big deal in his day. After he died, his family left Camden, sold the mansion to absentee owners who failed to secure the property, and what happened to the home and in the neighborhood then is pretty much the same as what happens today.

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  • Augustus Reeve

    Augustus Reeve

    Augustus Reeve was born in Alloway, Salem County, NJ, in the year 1833. In 1866, he relocated to Camden and made a significant acquisition—the Pea Shore Brick Works, situated along the Delaware River’s northern banks, just north of Camden. Through his dedicated efforts, he transformed this enterprise into a thriving brick and terra cotta manufacturing…

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  • Reeve Mansion Ordered Razed by City Official

    Reeve Mansion Ordered Razed by City Official

    Camden Courier-Post – January 28, 1928 Commissioner Rhone Tells Building Inspector, Fire Marshal to Investigate DILAPIDATED STRUCTURE CALLED DEN OF THIEVES State Street Residents Complain After Robbers Use House as Rendezvous Termed a 'rendezvous of thieves, a haven for spooners and a general nightmare, the deserted and broken down mansion at Third and State Streets,…

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  • Robberies Laid to Old Mansion as Thieves Den

    Robberies Laid to Old Mansion as Thieves Den

    Camden Courier-Post – January 26, 1928 Marauders Declared Using Former Reeves Home on State St. as Lair POLICE TELL VICTIMS TO KEEP THEFTS QUIET Aroused Householders Threaten to Act As Own Cops Failure of city officials to heed repeated complaints that a deserted and dilapidated mansion at Third and State Streets is a “rendezvous of…

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