43 Camden Recruits Thrive In Chill Conservation Camp

Forest Conservation Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – August 16, 1933

Group Gaining Weight in Vermont Mountains as They Clear Timber to Make Way for Jam, And Sleep Under Heavy Blankets

Forty-three Camden city and county men with Company 2204, Citizens’ Conservation Corps, are now located at Knapp Andrew Camp, Montpelier, Vt., word received here yesterday disclosed.

E. C. Rochester, in a letter to James Nelson of 930 North Seventh Street, writes “all the boys are gaining in weight and eating good and hearty.”

A number of the men at the camp are World War veterans and are widely known in Camden. All recently were transferred to the Vermont camp from Plattsburg. N. Y., where they underwent preliminary training.

Most of the Camden men are keenly interested in local affairs and anxiously await the arrival each day of the mailman carrying several copies of the Courier-Post newspapers.

“We are glad to note,” Rochester writes, “that the Pyne Poynt Quoit Club has made the front and right in the running.”

Clear Way for Dam

“We are now in the Green Mountains of Vermont, about four miles above the state capital. Our job at present is to clear the mountainside and valley of timber and to make way for one of three dams which will check the ice and flood waters from the Mad River.”

The climate is quite cool here, especially at night. It is necessary to sleep under two or three heavy blankets. It is very dry, high and healthy here. All of us have put on weight and are eating good and hearty.”

Edward Mulligan, brother, of James Mulligan, Democratic leader in the Second Ward, and Tom Rozier, another North Camden man, are with Rochester, he writes. Rochester’s home is at 734 Elm Street, Mulligan lives at 925 Vine Street and Rozier at 416 North Seventh Street.

Others on Roster

Others from this section at the camp are: Nicholas Game of 206 Mickle Street, Giuseppe Gerafino, 239 Pine Street; Edward McCrory, 843 Grant Street; F. J. Gillespie, 1173 Liberty Street; Marlin Martin, 909 North Second Street; Remi Capiotti, 513 South Fifth Street; Joseph D’Agostino, 507 South Third Street; G. Pfleger, Atco.

John V. Kinney, 844 York Street; Joseph H. Foster, Pine Hill; Herman P. Campbell, 1935 West River Drive, Delaware Gardens; William L. Carter, 805 Cherry Street; William T. Stoutenburgh, 819 Walnut Street; Michael J. Lancellotti, 208 Benson Street; William Yawerson, 670 Morgan Street; Louis C. Wurst, 730 Birch Street; H. G. Richard, Lindenwold; Clarence Kidd, 1039 North Second Street; Chester Burnett, 710 Spruce Street; Charles Hipple, 927 Liberty Street; R. Asher, 1222 Hyde Park; C. F. Boyle, 927 Liberty Street; William Heston, Mantua.

Anthony Luccio, Hammonton; James J. Hampson, Paulsboro; John Larningan, 229 North Twenty-fourth Street; L. J. Leosner, 101 South Logan Avenue; Louis F. Brecht, Mt. Ephraim; Emory Harkins, Camden; J. William Wadland, Camden; Elwood Rogers, 1038 Federal Street; Richard Peters, Delair; Joseph A. McCallum, Delair’

William Myers, 136 North Twenty-second Street; Ralph Walker, 705 Baxter Street; Fred Sales, 1001 Chestnut Street, and John L. Fallon, 708 Carman Street.


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