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  • Mount Ephraim Avenue

    Mount Ephraim Avenue

    Dating back to 1878, Mt. Ephraim Avenue has a history rooted in the past when it operated as the Mount Ephraim Turnpike, functioning as a toll road.

  • Line Street

    Line Street

    LINE STREET was named because it followed the finally settled line of division between the Cooper and Kaighn properties. It was originally laid out as a twenty foot alley, but in 1848 was made a street fifty foot wide. In 1848, when the city charter was amended by the State legislature, Line Street became the…

  • Convention Hall

    Convention Hall

    Camden has had two buildings known as Convention Hall, which can get a bit confusing, and the issue gets even more confusing when you add the fact that Camden had four different armories in the years between 1880 and 1960, and one of them was also called Convention Hall! It doesn’t help either that Convention…

  • Zuni Athletic Association

    The Zuni Athletic Association sponsored semi-pro sports teams as early as the spring of 1930 and into the early 60s. It appears to have founded in that year. Founding members included Peter Barbalace, Pasquale “Pat” Barbalace, Emil Aceto, John LaPlaca, and Jack O’Neil.

  • Royden Street

    Royden Street

    Royden Street, in Camden, NJ, was named in honor of William Roydon, a grocer from London, England. When he became one of the largest landowners in West Jersey, he was selected to be a member of the first Council of Proprietors.

  • Charles A. Aceto

    Charles A. Aceto

    CHARLES ANGELO ACETO was born in Italy on April 16, 1891 and came to America with his father in 1900. He threw himself into his education and into becoming proficient in the English language. He went into the bus and taxi business for himself with one station wagon, and by 1924 was operating a fleet…


    Camden Courier-Post – June 1, 1939 Three dismissals, three promotions and four reinstatements and two new hirings were announced yesterday by City Commissioner Henry Magin, director of public works.

  • Vets in Colorful Memorial Crowd Convention Hall

    More than 2500 persons attended a joint veterans memorial observance in Convention Hall which followed a parade of veterans and civic organizations yesterday afternoon.

  • News of a Day in the City of Camden

    News of a Day in the City of Camden

    Considerable surprise was manifested in Camden yesterday when it was announced that Anna Turner, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Frank Turner, a prominent builder and contractor, has been marred since January 21 to Louis Voegtlin, formerly of Camden, but now of Trenton. Up until the past few days Miss Turner, who lived with her parents at…

  • The Year 1833 – Camden, NJ

    That section of the city commonly known as Fettersville was purchased by Richard Fetters in 1833 from Charity and Grace Kaighn and embraced the land lying between Line and Cherry Streets, extending from Third Street to the Delaware River. Fetters, a Quaker, was a political and civic leader light years ahead of his time in…